Positive Impact by Design

Helping Organizations Design Products, Programs and Processes that Drive Positive Impact. 

Change by Design

Nursingfather Design is a design and consulting firm helping organizations achieve positive impact through design. We provide product design, program design, and process design to help organizations meet their social impact goals.


We help organizations understand their audiences better by carrying out painstaking research to help uncover behaviors, patterns, needs, and information as may be required for the development of new solutions or the evaluation of old approaches.


We use our proven process to guide how you go about achieving your impact goals. Nursingfather ensures you are designing effectively for people. From conducting user research to aligning your company goals with your programs, we are equipped to help you deliver on your promise as an organization. Our focus on social impact is due to our multiple years of experience in this social development sector which is why we are keen to help new and established organization deliver maximum impact with their direction.


We combine our experience in building products with partner specialists in crafting the right programs, products or processes that ensure organizations can reach their impact goals.


Organizations and groups seeking to improve their knowledge about delivering positive impact in the most effective manner can contact Nursingfather for trainings. We are also building a retinue of resources to support the learning of those who are keen to raise their capacity to deliver positive impact. 


Spreading Knowledge on Design, Social Impact, and Building a Society that is Conducive for the Next Generation. Start reading now. 

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