Nursingfather Design is a young firm helping organizations solve problems through design. From software interfaces, to new programs, services and experiences, we use the power of design to help organizations achieve positive impact. 


Led by Habeeb Kolade, Nursingfather’s values are built around creating a better world. Our method is working with organizations, groups and persons who are passionate about creating positive impact whether through new products, local programs, or new processes that raise their efficiency and effectiveness. 

In order to further advance our work, Nursingfather shares knowledge about design, positive impact and social development. We will also conduct trainings that help organizations more capable of delivering on their promise. 

Nursingfather prioritizes organizations seeking positive impact in local communities. 

responsible fatherhood

In addition to its design works, Nursingfather advocates for responsible fatherhood as Nursingfather believes happy families lead to happy and fair societies. Through its platforms, Nursingfather will be a voice to support, educate and create resources that help fathers play active roles in their families. We hope to make cool stuff that make parenting an awesome experience as well. 

key services

We are a young firm continuously learning, continuously evolving and continuously getting better in order to deliver quality services to people who trust us. 

research and strategy

We help organizations uncover the needs of their audience through detailed research, while working with them to design new strategies that could help them reach their goals. 

product design

We design new products, experiences and services with growth and impact in mind. We combine our expertise with seasoned partners to produce enviable outcomes for our clients. 


Through our platforms, we share knowledge on the intersection of design, social impact and development. We also train interested organizations to improve their capacity.