Access to Halal financial services

We collaborated with KapitalGrow Investment to design a new interface for their halal financial services.







Simple. Straightforward. We helped KapitalGrow achieve a powerful visual application that will titillate their users.

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KapitalGrow helps middle income earners invest in agriculture, transportation, real estate and several other short and medium term instruments. 

The company approached Nursingfather Design as it prepared to digitize its processes and become more accessible to the wider market beyond its smaller network. The goal was to build a web application that would enable anyone from anywhere save and invest through their platform.

Because this was a new terrain for the company, they needed a lot of guidance on how the app should work and several other decisions around usage. Thus, we provided both consultancy and design services. The key question we needed to answer was


How might we help users save and invest in ethical and easy ways?



As a key part of our process, we hold a series of meetings with the client before working on the project to understand fully in plain terms what the client hopes to achieve through the application. During this process, we request that the client forget about how the app should work and simply state what they want their customers to accomplish in dealing with them. When we have fully understood the business flow, then we can start thinking and talking about design considerations.



The application was meant to help people easily save, invest and transfer money within the application. Users targeted were middle income users who were looking for short to medium term investments that could help them grow their income. Users could enjoy different types of savings options including personal and group savings, could invest in several opportunities, and could transfer from one account to another within the application. 



We also conducted several meetings with the team and effected changes required by the team. At the end of the project which lasted five weeks. We delivered the desktop and mobile web designs to the team. These designs will guide the development of the application which is yet to start.

We sought to maximize what users could do on their mobile phones while making it colourful.  

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At the centre of our design was ease of use.